4PL Services


G4 Logistics Support Services offers own time definite solutions and customs brokerage service but we realize that there giant logistics networks available on the market and we want to help our customers utilize advantages of existing global logistics providers.

We have long-term relationship with many of them, understand their strong sides and speak their ‘language’

We offer 3-SPOT-QUOTES Service to our customers, i.e. on each customer inquiry we provide 3 rate quotes from 3 different global or well known and reputable 3PL providers of our choice.

Tariffs are provided AS IS is with no additional mark up from our side.

If you find any of the given rates competitive and meeting your expectations you will have 3 choices :

  1. Work directly with the chosen 3PL provider and hire us as your customs broker by signing POA(Power of Attorney)
  2. Hire us as your agent to coordinate planned shipment for you for the separate fixed agency fee using agreed provider
  3. If you don’t want to set up account directly with 3PL as requires option you may use ours if you will hire us as  your forwarding agent and your customs broker

Your benefits

  1. You saving your time and getting a great snapshot  of market  sending 1 inquiry and getting 3 professional  quotes in return
  2. Secured competitive rate, which can be a starting point for contract rates in case of repetitive shipments
  3. Complete transparency of made choice for  audit and billing purposes
  4. Securing  best rate, carrier, agent and broker  in one transaction
  5. An additional layer of control if you hire G4 as your forwarding agent and customs broker