About us and our “Logistics Supermarket” Concept


In G4 Logistics Support Services we understand that customers needs are usually going beyond regular delivery of package, parcel or freight shipment. We also understand that needs of professional importer/exporter are different from needs of a casual shipper.

There is always something behind what drives customer demand to ship. Whatever it can be – production deadlines, lead times promises, special events, we will take this into consideration and together with you will choose the right service.

During decades in the industry being able to  be in the shoes of freight forwarder, parcel carrier  and  supply chain professional  managing inventory levels , sourcing  3PL, customs brokerage  services  became  very clear that there  are many different  service providers on the market and  they need guidance  and high degree of  control if you want to achieve your goals. Quite often salespeople outperform their operations teams. No single forwarder or parcel carrier can completely meet all your needs in all circumstances.

Even if compare professional providers some of them can do certain things what others having the same network capabilities can’t. To us, it says that is all about the competence of people and organizational know how.

We also know that comparing spot quotes pays off.  We’re researching market, studying and testing services of various providers to give our customers ability to choose pick the right tools for the particular job.

We know that there is no problem to get a basic info and ship a standard  palletized shipment, but if step a side, if something specific is required ,  question hangs in the air .. There  is often  a gap  called implementation between closing the sales and start of real business, lack of planning and attention to details.

We would like to be considered  as  a Logistics Lead  Service provider,  an extension of your business  , a logistics arm,  a provider who can help you to  glue all  moving  pieces of puzzle together, a ‘logistics supermarket’ where you can find all tools,  services , packaging  and get all answers  which may  help you to implement  any sort of the project or with you regular business.

We are just starting and will  keep  developing our service portfolio taking into consideration your demands, conferences and previous experiences.

If you want to reach us to discuss your current demands or future projects feel free to email us at: customer.services@g4lss.com