RFP Services – Tender Management and Sourcing Services

If your organization wants to achieve cost savings taking control over inbound and outbound transportation flows, simplify processes consolidating volume with several key providers or wants to review the rates it receives from existing carriers, customs brokers – announcing a tender is the best way to accomplish this goal in a fair and transparent way.

We have experience in arranging tenders for freight forwarding and customs brokerage services achieving savings from 40 to 60% depending on the type of services. Through the experience we learned several lessons which are crucial for  any successful tender project

Our service offer includes ( but are not limited to):

  1. Interviewing key functions , users of  services under review to learn about
  2. Your business needs and requirements
  3. Gather  and formalize quantities data provided by company functions(departments)
  4. Together with you determine criteria for  Tender participants
  5. Prepare and agree with your management  terms of  Request for Proposal
  6. Distribute tender  Invitation  Letters to participants
  7. Respond on queries of Tender Participants
  8. Collect and analyze qualifying proposals. Prepare summary presentation for managements identifying key candidates to win
  9. Conduct meetings with a key candidate to clarify details of their proposals
  10. After finalization of all details provide Final Summary for decision-makers
  11. Announce the winner(-s), formalize agreed rates and implementation/transition plan

.. If  required G4 Logistics Support Services can assist in the implementation of this change and act as you In-house Logistics function coordinating all  involved parties and conducting quarterly reviews