Our Services

Canadian Customs Brokerage

  • G4 Logistics Support Services  is fully  licensed Canadian Customs Broker.
  • We can clear your shipments arriving by  AIR, OCEAN, TRUCK, RAIL, COURIER to any border customs office in Canada.

Duty Recovery – Refunds & Drawbacks

  • It is possible  to  recover duties paid for Imported goods which were  exported  from Canada  after they were  (a) further processed, or just  (b) displayed or demonstrated in Canada, or (c) used for  production  in Canada of goods for subsequent export.
  • We  can  prepare  and submit paperwork  for  refund  of  customs  duties  that were paid at the time of importation. In Canada duty can be can be claimed  retroactively for up to four years back.
  • There is also an opportunity for NAFTA drawback if you paid duty importing from US to Canada non-NAFTA originating goods ( for example goods made in China ). In this case duty can be claimed 3 years back.

Advance Rulings

  • For certain goods Tariff Classification  to determine applicable duty rate or determination of Country of Origin for preferential duty free treatment may be very complex. On your behalf we can submit  request for Advance Ruling to Customs detailing   product characteristics  and origin content.
  • Your benefit  is that  the advance ruling ensures that the tariff classification number or country of origin which will be used for further importation  is deemed  to be correct by the CBSA. The ruling is binding until it is revoked or amended.

Other Governmental Department requirements

  • As part of our service package we will be glad to assist our customers  to obtain licences and permit s from  CFIA, NRCan, Health Canada, etc.